Hi, I'm Lindsey. I'm currently almost a junior in college (it's complicated) studying psychology/writing. I love a lot of things, from dresses to backpacking, and am working on loving myself for who I am. I will not hide the fact that I'm struggling with social anxiety and depression. That is who I am, and I don't have to justify it to anyone. My favorite color is purple, I feel a deep connection to sunsets, am an introvert but am always up for a good conversation, listen to swing music, and own a bike that was manufactured in the late 1970s. This is me.
  • One of my favorite bands, The Victor Ship, is almost done recording their new record, but they need our help! Please take a second to check out their Indie Go Go donation page and do what you can to support them. Even if it’s just a quick reblog of this post, it would be greatly appreciated. And if you watch the video, you might just get to hear a preview of the new material!

    The Victor Ship is a four piece post-alternative/progressive rock band from Los Angeles, Ca. They’ve been a band for nearly four years now, have released an amazing album titled “
    In Somnis Veritas”, and have done a couple of national tours. They are now in the midst of finishing their sophomore record, “Contes de Fées”, which they have been working on for nearly a year. It’s a five-song concept EP, based around various modern fairy tales and famous stories. 

    Sounds awesome, right? 
    Well then show them your support!  

    And if you’re like me and don’t have any money of your own, then go ahead, reblog this; maybe someone else who is following you does have the money. 

    This is what they’re asking:

    They are looking to raise $1,500 by the end of April. A short amount of time but totally do-able! 

    The specifics:

    • $200 of that will go towards finishing the recording process (vocals, percussion, etc.) 

    • $1,000 of that will go towards the mixing and mastering of the album. 

     $300 of that will go towards pressing of the album on CDs, which will be hand-printed and hand-numbered by them, ensuring each copy is different with its own set of artwork.  

    So go ahead, check out their Indie Go Go site, here: http://www.indiegogo.com/thevictorship?c=home

    And press that reblog button!

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